Article: When I Get Older I Will Be Stronger

Article: When I Get Older I Will Be Stronger

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Successful /unsuccessful candidates , sadness/happiness,struggle and many more… but some question always remain same ….

1. After result I am so depressed, and not able to concentrate on studies.
2. After so many failures and so many years, it is very difficult for me to study again and again.
3. I don’t know what to do and what not to do in this situation.
????????????????????????????????????? ……..


A .Suppose you are swimming in sea or you accept the challenge to cross particular channel of sea , so visibility in water are somehow 2 to 5 m , now come to the point what is the difference between you and the person who complete this challenge.

You: you start from particular point, but due to invisibility you are not able to see another end, and just before 20 m you give up.

Winner: they always continue to swim until they cross the end.

I think this is the best example of your situation, you don’t give up only because you not able to see your goal, and this is race if you give up or fail you have no choice to again start from your give up point, you have to participate again, you have to start again from starting point, this is called competition field.

B. Comments, comments is like hammer and face by two types of student first one is like iron and second one is like glass, comments is common for both, but type of competitors make a difference.

C. Now one of the most fears is from exam, you think that particular examination is hard nut to crack, but this is telling by some educational sites, students, relatives, and some success stories. Now look at following points:

1. When particular examination essential qualification is only graduate, so it is compulsory for exam authority to set a paper considering some facts like, for brilliant students as well as average students, for every stream students, for English medium as well as Hindi medium students and many more factors.

2. If paper is easily solved by you so it is easy for you and if it is not solved by you it is hard for everyone,why ?




Why struggle is important in life

Struggle is like egg, suppose you are like bird baby inside egg, if we help you to emerging or help in cracking the egg, may be see new world but you are not strong and not even to survive same like if we motivate you may be you motivate for sometime but not forever or not able to continue but if you broke egg from inside you are more strong and ready to fight with nature means if you motivate from your inner source, so you motivate for forever and nobody distract you from your path.


We dreams for future but forget our present

You know what the difference between dream and goal is, if we set our goal so we know one day we will definitely achieve it but dreams are dreams.

So concentrate on your present, concentrate on today only, and forget about yesterday and even tomorrow. Because tomorrow is illusion and reality is tomorrow never comes.

First set your goal and after achieving it set your dreams and try to convert it in reality. Only because time is precious even more important than money, and it is running like a sand.


Food for your stomach but what about your brain

We need good food for our health, energy, but not only one time, three times a day. But what about our brain, look there is no existence of our body without brain; even we not simply move our figures without brain permission or instructions. So you ever think if your brain is full with tension, frustration so they even not control your body, so study will be a dream that time,

So we need good food for good health in same way we need daily good thoughts as a breakfast for good functioning of brain.

So my friends, your struggle/failures doesn’t matter, only how you learn from them and how you tackle extreme bad situation is matter. And one day you will see that it all has finally come together, what you have always wished for has finally come to be, and you will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will ask yourself , how did I get through all of that . BELIEVE ME THIS DAY WILL DEFINITELY COME 🙂

How to read this article : Now how to read this article or any type of self analysis article first read it carefully and then compare these above points with yourself. In next step your deep analysis is important and then makes a list of your positive points as well as negative point s. And at last self come to the conclusion and try to implement in your life .

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