Live Current Affairs Quiz for Upcoming Exams

Live Current Affairs Quiz for Upcoming Exams

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He we are conducting Live Current Affairs Quiz for upcoming bank and other competitive exams. Live quizzes are also important as they check your knowledge, speed and accuracy with other aspirants. So do attend live quizzes and boost your preparation.

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  • Kiran Bedi recently launched “Shramdaan movement” as part of Swachh Bharat initiative. She is the present Lt Governor of

    1) Lakshadweep

    2) Andaman and Nicobar

    3) Daman and Diu

    4) Puducherry

    5) None of these

  • The Jan Shikshan Sansthan (JSS), Malappuram, has won the Unesco Confucius Prize for Literacy. The JSS is situated in the state of

    1) Tripura

    2) Nagaland

    3) Kerala

    4) Sikkim

    5) Tamil Nadu

  • Hrushikesh Mallick will be honoured with the 37th edition of prestigious Sarala Award for his poetry work “Jeje Dekhi”. He is a noted poet of

    1) Odia

    2) Assamese

    3) Tamil

    4) Kannada

    5) Malayalam

  • The tropical storm Namtheun hit which of the following countries recently?

    1) Chile

    2) Mexico

    3) Malaysia

    4) Japan

    5) US

  • British Columbia has become the first foreign govt entity to issue a masala bond by floating Rs 500 cr rupee denominated overseas bonds. The British Colombia is a province of

    1) Canada

    2) US

    3) UK

    4) Australia

    5) Spain

  • The 11th G20 Summit concluded recently in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. The 12th G20 Summit is to be held in 2017 in

    1) Hamburg, Germany

    2) Tokyo, Japan

    3) Paris, France

    4) Rome, Italy

    5) Sydney, Australia

  • Which of the following countries recently appointed Nicholas Hopton as its ambassador to Iran for the first time since 2011?

    1) US

    2) UK

    3) Germany

    4) France

    5) Sweden

  • The Indian origin girl Priyanka Yoshikawa was recently crowned as

    1) Miss South Korea

    2) Miss Cambodia

    3) Miss Thailand

    4) Miss Philippines

    5) Miss Japan

  • CM Sarbananda Sonowal (on 5 Sep) inaugurated Asia’s biggest digital library, dedicated to the memory of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, in NIT Silchar in the state of

    1) Jharkhand

    2) Andhra Pradesh

    3) Odisha

    4) Telangana

    5) Assam

  • The govt of Arunachal Pradesh has roped in who among the following as a brand ambassador for state tourism?

    1) Ranbir Kapoor

    2) Priyanka Chopra

    3) Aishwarya Rai

    4) John Abraham

    5) Kareena Kapoor

  • Which of the following SAARC nations was recently certified by WHO as free of malaria disease?

    1) Afghanistan

    2) Pakistan

    3) Bangladesh

    4) Bhutan

    5) Sri Lanka

  • The UN Charter, the seminal treaty of the UN, has now been translated into Sanskrit. Which of the following is NOT one of the six official languages of the UN?

    1) Hindi

    2) Chinese

    3) Arabic

    4) Spanish

    5) French

  • he Indian mixed doubles pair of Sikki Reddy and Pranaav Jerry Chopra won the title of which of the following badminton tournaments recently?

    1) 2016 Singapore Open

    2) 2016 Australia Open

    3) 2016 Brazil Open

    4) 2016 Indonesia Open

    5) None of these

  • The Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Limited (GRSE) handed over INS Tihayu to Indian Navy recently. It is a(n)

    1) Water Jet Fast Attack Craft

    2) Torpedo launch and recovery vessel

    3) Guided Missile Destroyer

    4) Anti-submarine Warfare Corvette

    5) None of these

  • Name the present Union Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas who recently launched Gas4India campaign aimed at promoting the use of gas in the country.

    1) Dharmendra Pradhan

    2) Shripad Yesso Naik

    3) Rajiv Pratap Rudy

    4) Santosh Kumar Gangwar

    5) Inderjit Singh Rao

  • The Department of Telecom (DoT) has created ‘Urja Mitra Helpline’ through which customers can get information on power outages by dialling

    1) 14401

    2) 14402

    3) 14403

    4) 14404

    5) 14405

  • The national award winner and veteran director KG George has been selected for the JC Daniel award 2015, the highest honor for outstanding contribution to Malayalam cinema given by

    1) Telangana

    2) Andhra Pradesh

    3) Tamil Nadu

    4) Karnataka

    5) Kerala

  • Union Minister of State for Labour and Employment Bandaru Dattatreya inaugurated the first phase of telemedicine services of ESIC recently. The term ESIC means

    1) Employees Services Insurance Corporation

    2) Employees Specific Insurance Corporation

    3) Employees Statutory Insurance Corporation

    4) Employees State Insurance Corporation

    5) None of these

  • The World Coconut Day is celebrated on

    1) 2 Sep

    2) 4 Sep

    3) 6 Sep

    4) 8 Sep

    5) 10 Sep

  • Which of the following Indian films was conferred the Best Film award at the 1st BRICS Film Festival which concluded recently?

    1) Mohenjo Daro

    2) Udta Punjab

    3) Airlift

    4) Thithi

    5) Neerja

  • India and Chile recently expanded their Preferential Trade Agreement. The currency of Chile is

    1) Euro

    2) Pound

    3) Peso

    4) Franc

    5) Dollar

  • India has officially received certificates from World Health Organisation recognizing the elimination of which of the following diseases from the country?

    1) Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus

    2) Yaws

    3) Malaria

    4) All the above

    5) Only 1) and 2)

  • The 14th ASEAN-INDIA Summit was held recently in Vientiane which is the capital city of

    1) Vietnam

    2) Philippine

    3) Laos

    4) Cambodia

    5) Brunei Darussalam

  • Subroto Cup is associated with which of the following games?

    1) Hockey

    2) Football

    3) Cricket

    4) Badminton

    5) Tennis

  • The International Literacy Day is observed every year on

    1) 02 Sep

    2) 04 Sep

    3) 06 Sep

    4) 08 Sep

    5) 10 Sep

  • Author Stuart Blackburn’s book titled “Into the Hidden Valley” has won the MM Bennetts Award for Historical Fiction 2016 in the UK. The book is based on Apatani tribe which is found in the state of

    1) Arunachal Pradesh

    2) Jharkhand

    3) Uttarakhand

    4) Gujarat

    5) Himachal Pradesh

  • Satbir Singh has been appointed as the next Ambassador of India to

    1) Algeria

    2) Syria

    3) Egypt

    4) Nigeria

    5) Cambodia

  • India has signed a preliminary pact with Greece for bilateral Air Services Agreement. The capital city of Greece is

    1) Yerevan

    2) Luanda

    3) Algiers

    4) Athens

    5) Tirana

  • India and which of the following countries held their joint bilateral military exercise “Prabal Dostyk -16” in Karaganda region recently?

    1) Kyrgyzstan

    2) Tajikistan

    3) Kazakhstan

    4) Turkmenistan

    5) Ukraine

  • The 2016 Summer Paralympic Games began on 7 Sep in which of the following cities?

    1) Tokyo, Japan

    2) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    3) PyeongChang, South Korea

    4) Munich, Germany

    5) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Majuli island recently became the first river island district of India. The island is situated on which of the following rivers?

    1) Ganges

    2) Cauvery

    3) Yamuna

    4) Brahmaputra

    5) Godavari

  • The ISRO recently launched GSLV rocket carrying the satellite INSAT-3DR from Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. It is a

    1) weather satellite

    2) military satellite

    3) educational satellite

    4) communication satellite

    5) None of these

  • Which of the following states has been adjudged the cleanest state among 26 states in the sanitation survey conducted by National Sample Survey Office (NSSO)?

    1) Nagaland

    2) Himachal Pradesh

    3) Mizoram

    4) Kerala

    5) Sikkim

  • PepsiCo CEO and Chairman Indra Nooyi was ranked 2nd on the list of Fortune’s 51 Most Powerful Women’s list. The list is topped by

    1) Mary Barra

    2) Hillary Clinton

    3) Melinda Gates

    4) Meg Whitman

    5) Ginni Rometty

  • Which of the following banks has announced the deployment of ‘Software Robotics’ in over 200 business processes across various functions of the bank?

    1) SBI

    2) HDFC Bank

    3) Axis Bank

    4) ICICI Bank

    5) Federal Bank

  • Jayant Purushottam Gokhale has been appointed as director of which of the following banks?

    1) Punjab National Bank

    2) Bank of India

    3) Bank of Baroda

    4) Syndicate Bank

    5) Corporation Bank

  • Mexico has set up its consulate in south India in Chennai that will cater to Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The currency of Mexico is

    1) Euro

    2) Pound

    3) Peso

    4) Franc

    5) Dollar

  • Who among the following is the present Union Minister for Drinking Water and Sanitation, Rural Development and Panchayati Raj?

    1) Ananth Kumar

    2) Narendra Singh Tomar

    3) Thawar Chand Gehlot

    4) Chaudhary Birender Singh

    5) Radha Mohan Singh

  • Which of the following has become the first state in the country to roll out the “Twitter Seva” project with the launch of 122 Twitter handles in one go in the state capital?

    1) Rajasthan

    2) Uttar Pradesh

    3) Madhya Pradesh

    4) Andhra Pradesh

    5) Kerala

  • YES Bank recently deferred its $1-billion equity raising plan. The bank was trying to raise money through QIP which means

    1) Quantitative Institutional Placement

    2) Qualitative Institutional Placement

    3) Quintessential Institutional Placement

    4) Qualified Institutional Placement

    5) None of these

  • Who among the following has been appointed part-time Chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)?

    1) Anand Deshpande

    2) Rajesh Jain

    3) J Satyanarayana

    4) Kris Gopalakrishnan

    5) Sam Pitroda

  • Which of the following states has bagged ‘Best Horticulture State’ award at the 9th Agricultural Leadership Summit 2016?

    1) Punjab

    2) Haryana

    3) Karnataka

    4) Tamil Nadu

    5) West Bengal

  • Mariyappan Thangavelu won a gold medal at the 2016 Rio Paralympics in which of the following games?

    1) Long jump

    2) High Jump

    3) Weightlifting

    4) Shooting

    5) Archery

  • Which of the following emerged as the cleanest districts in “Plains” in India in the Gramin Swachh Survekshan launched in May this year?

    1) Satara

    2) Nadia

    3) Shimla

    4) Sindhudurg

    5) Mandi

  • The Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh recently commissioned the vessel Sarathi, at Goa Shipyard. This is a(n)

    1) fast attach craft

    2) torpedo launch and recovery vessel

    3) offshore patrolling vessel

    4) anti-submarine vessel

    5) None of these

  • The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory or LIGO project has got the in-principle approval by the Union Cabinet. Now, the first LIGO lab outside the US may come up in the Indian state of

    1) Gujarat

    2) Madhya Pradesh

    3) Karnataka

    4) Andhra Pradesh

    5) Maharashtra

  • Which of the following countries has developed a radar system that uses quantum entanglement to beat the stealth technology? The country had earlier launched the world’s first quantum communications satellite.

    1) Japan

    2) Germany

    3) US

    4) UK

    5) China

  • The 69th session of WHO Regional Committee Meeting of South East Asian region was held recently in which of the following cities?

    1) Seoul

    2) Colombo

    3) Jakarta

    4) Male

    5) Kathmandu

  • The NASA has launched OSIRIS-REx spacecraft to collect samples from Bennu which is a(n)

    1) star

    2) galaxy

    3) planet

    4) asteroid

    5) moon

  • The capital city of Kazakhstan is

    1) Astana

    2) Manama

    3) Tashkent

    4) Dushanbe

    5) Bishkek

  • The first edition of ‘Internet of Things (IoT) India Congress, 2016’ was held recently in

    1) Chennai

    2) Hyderabad

    3) New Delhi

    4) Bengaluru

    5) Noida

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  • Who among the following won the women’s singles title of the 2016 US Open?

    1) Venus Williams

    2) Serena Williams

    3) Karolina Pliskova

    4) Angelique Kerber

    5) None of these

  • The Patanjali Ayurveda launched its mega food park on a 230-acre land at an industrial hub in which of the following cities recently?

    1) Nagpur

    2) Kanpur

    3) Bhubaneswar

    4) Mangalore

    5) Bhopal

  • The Navy of which of the following countries revealed images of its futuristic Zumwalt destroyer recently which has stealth capabilities?

    1) US

    2) Russia

    3) China

    4) France

    5) Sweden

  • The weightlifter Le Van Cong broke the world record in the men’s 49kg class by lifting 183kg and winning gold for which of the following countries at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games?

    1) Philippines

    2) Japan

    3) Thailand

    4) Vietnam

    5) Mongolia

  • Which of the following pairs won the men’s doubles title of the US Open 2016?

    1) Pierre-Hugues Herbert and Nicolas Mahut

    2) Bob Bryan and Mike Bryan

    3) Jamie Murray and Bruno Soares

    4) Pablo Carreno Busta and Guillermo Garcia-Lopez

    5) None of these

  • In a revolutionary move, doctors in which of the following countries successfully carried out the world’s first robotic eye surgery recently?

    1) Norway

    2) UK

    3) US

    4) Switzerland

    5) Singapore

  • Bykytzhan Sagintayev was appointed as the new Prime Minister of which of the following countries recently?

    1) Tajikistan

    2) Kazakhstan

    3) Kyrgyzstan

    4) Turkmenistan

    5) Ukraine

  • Solung festival is associated with which of the following states?

    1) Himachal Pradesh

    2) Jharkhand

    3) Arunachal Pradesh

    4) Chhattisgarh

    5) Assam

  • Which of the following parties was recognised by the Election Commission as a National Party recently?

    1) Biju Janata Dal

    2) Janata Dal (United)

    3) Janata Dal (Secular)

    4) Rashtriya Janata Dal

    5) Trinamool Congress

  • The newly formed Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) to fight against epidemics is headquartered at

    1) Sydney, Australia

    2) New Delhi, India

    3) London, UK

    4) New York, US

    5) Oslo, Norway

  • The military training exercise ‘Yudh Abhyas 2016’ is a joint exercise conducted in Uttarakhand from Sep 14 to 27 between India and

    1) US

    2) Russia

    3) China

    4) Japan

    5) France

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  • Who among the following has been appointed as brand ambassador of the ambitious Samajwadi Pension Yojana by Uttar Pradesh govt?

    1) Aishwarya Rai

    2) Aamir Khan

    3) Vidya Balan

    4) Salman Khan

    5) Kareena Kapoor

  • Which of the following films won the Golden Lion for Best Film Award at the 73rd Venice Film Festival?

    1) Ang Babaeng Humayo

    2) The Untamed

    3) Paradise

    4) Voyage of Time

    5) Arrival

  • The govt has launched a toll-free number to register postal complaints which will initially be operational for 12 hours on working days. The toll-free number is

    1) 1940

    2) 1934

    3) 1924

    4) 1909

    5) 1900

  • Which of the following emerged as the cleanest districts in “Hills” in India in the Gramin Swachh Survekshan launched in May this year?

    1) Mandi

    2) Shimla

    3) Gangtok

    4) Shillong

    5) Darjeeling

  • Which state govt has signed a preliminary Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Singapore govt for developing a smart integrated township in Jathiadevi near its capital city?

    1) Uttarakhand

    2) Chhattisgarh

    3) Himachal Pradesh

    4) Madhya Pradesh

    5) Rajasthan

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  • Which of the following teams won the 128th edition of Durand Cup football title?

    1) Neroca FC

    2) Air India

    3) Mohammedan Sporting Club

    4) Army Green

    5) Salgaocar FC

  • Who among the following won the men’s singles title of the US Open tennis tournament?

    1) Novak Djokovic

    2) Andy Murray

    3) Roger Federer

    4) Rafael Nadal

    5) Stan Wawrinka

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